Bamboo Floating Floor

Installing a bamboo floating floor in your home or business is an eco-friendly, sustainable and practical flooring solution. Bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable materials and is the fastest-growing type of grass on earth. The mature bamboo canes used for solid bamboo flooring have grown for at least three years, and bamboo flooring companies like Green Earth and Verdura take care to source their materials from sustainably-managed forests.

Phyllostachys Pubescens, to give bamboo its official name, is an ideal product for flooring because it has a straight main stem with little variation in diameter between the top and bottom. This means the canes can be easily split and then pressed and sealed together to create a consistent flooring product.

Bamboo is naturally stronger than hardwoods like oak and beech that are typically used for flooring. Thanks to its natural strength and recent advances in production techniques, bamboo flooring can be up to twice as strong as traditional hardwood flooring.

As well as being durable and environmentally friendly, bamboo flooring is incredibly easy to install over existing subfloors, enabling customers to transform the appearance of a room quickly and with little mess. Bamboo flooring is beautiful, easy to install and sustainable; it’s a great choice for almost any space, and Complete Carpet Co has an impressive selection. Visit either of our Melbourne-area stores to see this beautiful cheap flooring option for yourself.

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